Sanyo Denki

Sanyo Denki


Sanyo Denki Co. Ltd, since 1942, is a leading Japanese manufacturer of servo motors, amplifiers, stepping motors & drivers, power systems products and cooling systems. Sanyo Denki operates on the philosophy of “increased utility and optimum performance” thereby offering unmatched value to its customers. The products find application in industrial automation, medical, information & communication, energy and home automation. Sanyo Denki has major manufacturing centers in Japan and Philippines, with technology centers and sales offices spread across Asia, Europe and America.

We deal in DC Fan, AC Fan, Blower, Airflow Tester, Centrifugal Fan, PWM Controller, ACDC Fan, San Ace Controller manufactured by Sanyo Denki Co. Ltd.

  • DC Cooling Fans

    Now a days energy demand is going high in each & every Industry which increases the use of Power Equipments in different segments like IT, Telecom, Medical, Automotive, Space, Power. Because of this a lot of heat is generated, ultimately...

  • AC Cooling fans

    With convenience of supply voltage 100VAC/115VAC/200VAC/230VAC, these fans are available from 60 mm to 225 mm. Our AC-powered cooling fans are known for their high reliability, and are suitable for various applications including ICT equipment, control panels, factory automation devices,...

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