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Compact & Robust Safety Light Curtain (Type4 PLe SIL3), Slim & Robust Unit Body Combined with New Optical System. The slim and robust unit body resists twisting, warping, and impact, The internal unit was redesigned and downsized extensively. The internal unit was downsized to less than 40% (volume ratio) as compared to the conventional model while achieving higher performance. The case structure was also optimized and offers high rigidity without any change in external dimensions.

● Slim and robust unit body resists twisting, warping, and impact

● Mounting brackets feature both rigidity and ease of handling

● New high power optical system offering stable operation even for long distance setup

● Shuts out liquids and dust IP67, IP65 (IEC) NEMA Type 13 (NEMA 250)

● Digital indicator with a numeric display of light incidence margin facilitates beam axis adjustment and preventive maintenance

● Indicator for improved work efficiency

● Response time is the fastest class in the industry* 10 ms

● Dead zoneless design enables easy calculation of safe distance.

● Series connection of up to 5 units

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