Standard Drive

Standard Drive


Delta's General Purpose AC Motor Drives having advance power electronics component’s and micro processor technology to control the speed of an electrical motor. AC drive is used for speed, torque, position control efficiently and improve machine automation as well as save energy. Delta having various models/series of AC Drive which is designed for variety of application to meet it’s needs.

  • C200

    Delta's VFD-C200 Series is an intelligent vector control micro drive used for Open loop & Close loop Speed Control as well as Torque Control (With Two High speed input capacity 33 khz) for both IM & PM Motors, Also built-in...

  • C2000 Plus

    The C2000 Series AC motor drive provides the most efficient solution for all types of drive applications. It features precise speed, torque and position control functions that are suitable for both sensor and sensorless types of synchronous and asynchronous motors....

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