Tamagawa Seiki Co. Ltd, founded in 1938 is a Japanese leading manufacturer of angular precisio control equipment such as high precision sensors, motors and gyros. Tamagawa Seiki boasts of capabilities to design and manufacture two dimensional and three dimensional angular sensors.

We deal in Rotary Encoders, Resolvers, 2 & 5 Phase Stepper Motor manufactured by Tamagawa Seiki Co. Ltd.

  • Stepper Motor

    Generally, the Stepper motor consists of two parts, the rotor, and the stator. The rotor of 2 phase stepper motor has 50 teeth, and the rotor moves 1/4 of the pitch to be aligned with the next phase. There are...

  • Rotary Encoders

    Rotary comes with measurement sensors that have high accuracy and high resolution. Rotary Encoders convert the Rotary engle into an electronic Pulse type to measure it with high precision.It converts the angular movement into the Linear position to measure the...

  • Resolvers

    A resolver is an angle sensor that outputs rotational angles as two-phase AC voltages (analog signals). It features structurally high environmental resistance compared to other sensors due to its simple design comprised of only an iron core and a coil....

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