Telemecanique by Schneider Electric, founded over 90 years ago, specializes in sensors and sensor-related technology. Telemecanique Sensors is a global player, present in more than 20 countries, with products distributed worldwide through a broad network of partners.We cover the wide environment of sensors from electromechanic to electronic products and from detection to identification and distance measurement.

  • Photoelectric Sensor

    The photoelectric sensor is a generic name for sensors that detect an object by using light. The optical signal transmitted from the emitting part of the sensor is modified by being reflected, transmitted, absorbed, etc., by the sensing object and...

  • Inductive Proximity Sensor

    Proximity sensors are sensors that detect when a target object such as a metal has approached (or receded), without making direct contact with the object. Principle of high-frequency oscillation type: The detection coil located at the front end of the...

  • capacitive-proximity-sensor

    Capacitive Proximity Sensor

    An electrical field is created between 2 electrodes on the front face of the sensor. These electrodes constitute a capacitor with a capacitance of C = e0 * er * A/d. When an object of any material (er > 2)...

  • gap-sensor

    Fork (Gap) Sensor

    The beam from the transmitter limb is transmitted to the receiver limb. Due to its construction, only one connection is required as opposed to two for a traditional through-beam function.The transmission sources are LEDs of various technologies: 1) Infrared, particularly...

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