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Optical fork for detection of opaque labels,To efficiently detect labels of different types, formats and colours in compact machines, the optical forks must be small, easy to adjust, and easy to install. The OsiSense™ XUVE optical fork easily integrates in the machine due to its compactness and very slender heel. It makes it easy to obtain better tension of the label strip and the closest detection possible of the label application zone Benefits 1) Compact for better integration, 2) Ease of adjustment and teaching, 3) High accuracy detection, 4) Products to international standards

✔ Adjustment by numeric potentiometer (+/- buttons) and red LED.

✔ Protection of settings by locking keypad

✔ NC or NO programmable

✔ Minimum distance between 2

✔ labels is 2 mm.

✔ Maximum flow rate is 200 m/min.

✔ Detection accuracy : +/- 50 µm at 150 m/min

✔ Compact plastic case: 57 x 25 x 10 mm

✔ Label passageway: height 3mm x width 40 mm

✔ Products to international standards

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