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Advantech Serverboards support Intel Xeon Processor, DDR4, IPMI 2.0 with iKVM and Quad LANs features. Our Serverboard enables various system configurations and diverse options of modules to help fulfill various field application.

● Server Grade Motherboard

● Xeon, ATOM, and Core I processor

● Server grade OS Support

● Multiple PCI and PCIe Support

● Mutiple Comport Suport

● Up to 64 GB RAM Support

● RAID function Support

● VGA and DVI output

● Wide operating temperature

Power Range

Processor Range:
Intel Core i3 (6th to 9th Gen.)
Intel Core i5 (6th to 9th Gen.)
Intel Core i7 (6th to 9th Gen.)
XEON Processor

Lubi Automation