Automotive Industry


Flexible and Productive Solution for Automotive Industry

Increased number of Car models and powertrain technology enables automotive industry to incorporate flexible production process and faster commissioning in advanced assembly line to meet the target based facility.Automobile industry emerging as smart manufacturing assembly line from welding, inspection and testing to adapt changing environment and brings deep rooted automation task implement efficiently with reducing error and human intervention.

What LUBI Provides to Automotive Industry

✔ LUBI provides precision Gear Box used with designed fixtures & robotics solution for most complex welding of components in cell production and assembly lines.

✔ LUBI offers Sensors for detection of intrusions, edges of moving or falling objects and to control access while provides safety light curtains up to category 4 protection suitable for safety on automotive manufacturing Shop-Floor.

✔ Smart Machine Vision systems and Image based barcode reader enables automotive manufacturer to eliminate defects, quality inspection and track product parts achieving high level of consistency & enhanced productivity.


Welding solution for Automative Industry

Welding Solution For Automotive Industry

The leading edge technology in welding application for automotive industry has become essential today making new combination of Auto body Parts. Innovative welding technique enables automotive manufacturer focus on welding process to joint lighter yet strong and fuel efficient vehicle parts employing lightweight materials. Welding solution of LUBI in automotive industry offers manufacturers flexible and sustainable welding development with the help of advance automation products and high precision mechanical parts for complex corrosive environments.

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