Robotics automation staples to increase your productivity

Industry emphasis on Robotics manufacturing systems replacing traditional production process as it provides precise motion, repetitive tasks and improves overall production process without taking rest. Automation products make robots versatile to serve global industries, keep operation efficient and make safe and reliable to fill operational gaps.

LUBI streamlines Overall Assembly Workflow

✔ Lubi as a leading resource center provides automation solution with Motion controller, Servo system and gear reducers for multi-axis robots to manufacture precision component for automotive Industry.

✔ For Loading and unloading of component in assembly line, LUBI provides integration of robotics with programmable Controller, intelligent sensor and Smart vision system to avoid collision and accurate measures with error free feedback.

✔ LUBI covers automation of SCARA Robots for pick and place,5-Axis articulated robots on Shop-floors and Delta robots serving Food and Beverage industry on conveyor line.


Delta Robot Automation

Delta Robot Automation

The specific advantage provided by Delta Robots in many applications to achieve speed and efficiency makes essential for the companies looking to stay competitive. Automation of Delta robots helps industries to take leverage making use of its unique strengths and ability to execute minute, precise motions. The common industries ask the challenges they face in manufacturing process today and Delta robots improves the process to fill that gap. Multi axis motion controller optimized with high torque AC Servo motor provided by LUBI enables companies to achieve more positional accuracy and production throughput with the help of Delta robots.

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