Technology that refers to the process of enclosing or wrapping of products for various purposes falls under packaging Industry. Packaging is often the first interaction that customers have with the product and a way to establish a brand’s visual identity and enhance customer perception. In order to accommodate these surging expectations, the packaging equipment industry is rapidly turning to technology and develops innovative solutions for future-ready packaging. Automation spans a vast spectrum of technologies to streamline the entire packaging process including process management & control, system integration, robotics and their operational activities.


Neck Sleeve Applicator

The sleeve applicator machine is a high speed system ideal for labelling on neck or middle body of round plastic or glass bottles.
The label is basically tube type sleeve. Generally known as sleeve. Sleeve is pulled from roll by means of rubber rollers driven by servo systems & cut by Cutter mechanism.
The Machine is used to apply sleeves on Pet Bottles like aerated Water, Cold Drinks, Wax Candles etc.

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Vertical Foam Filling & Sealing

Vertical Form Filling and Sealing (VFFS) machines are used in automated line packaging system for packing of liquid and different solid dry products. The VFFS machine pack the consumer goods in retail market for variety of different products like snacks, wafers, salt, sugar, tea, spices, candies, dry powder, and other liquid products like milk, and cold drinks. The technology helps to reduce the risk of contamination which is especially important in food packaging and pharma packaging. To meet the market demand VFFS machine broaden the global market for standard and sealed packaging in the current market scenario.

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