Vertical Foam Filling & Sealing

  • Vertical Foam Filling Sealing

    Vertical Foam Filling & Sealing

    Machine operates on the basic fundamental concept of gravity that material flows from top and vertical bag seal when film is moving as tube form and horizontal seal or cutting when film stops. Machines with continuous motion operate with vertical and horizontal seal when film is running without stopping the machine. Machine manufacturer accommodate Variety of weighing mechanism as per precise accuracy level depending on final product packaging.

Machine concept

Fully Automatic machine required less manpower to operate the machine, only loading of hopper to replenish material required, changing film on unwinding shaft and to collect the packed products.

Different types of hoppers are available with Augur Filler, Volumetric Cup Filler and Multi Head Weigher. Speed and weighing depends on these weighing systems for more productive machines. Augur filler has servo with ball screw and used for Powder materials, while Multi weigher head comes with Load cell measurement in multiple buckets which makes combination of desired weight to fill in pouch with accuracy.

Multi Head weigher make combination of desire weight of product and send dump signal to PLC to unwind the film and transmit pulse command to Servo motor as per product length, while servo operates at desired length and mark sensor aid to stop servo on print mark according to feed length.

Vertical sealing bars seal the pouch ends and joints the Film and Horizontal jaw seal pouch from top and bottom and also make perforation (Zigzag Pattern) or cut pouch to throughput final packaged product.

Sustainable solution of Lubi provides VFFS machine a next generation automation products carrying high speed programmable Logic controller, HMI for error message reporting, AC Servo system for accurate mark correction motion and sensor to stop film on mark for better accuracy. Combined motion solution enables machine builders efficient production ratio, object printing, precision packaging with safe and reliable operation process including ease of troubleshooting.


Visual Layout

Solution from Lubi

Substitution of Rigid Mechanical System

✔ Flexible Electronics drive synchronization replaced rigid mechanical elements of Clutch and Brake mechanism

✔ Enhanced life cycle and reduction of Noise and Vibration due to removal of wear and tear problem of Mechanical arrangements


Increased Productivity

✔ Improved cycle time by replacing mechanical transmission system with new Servo Technologies

✔ Extended Product capacity due to variable data changed through Recipe Storage

✔ Production speed improved up to > 100 PPM with Integrated Multiweigher head Concept.


Product Quality Increased

✔ Sealing and cutting improved due to pulling stopped on Registration Mark sensor and unwinder motor synchronization

✔ Accuracy within a acceptable range up to 0.5mm to 1.00 mm


Ease of Operation

✔ No Homing required at Machine start stop due to implantation of Servo motor and Mark sensor

Product Used

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