A Perfect way to Transit Excellence

Transportation industry wants uninterrupted operation sourcing the best state-of-the-art technology for efficient, safe and convenient transportation system. Automation conceptualizes smart toll monitoring system and smart vehicle operation enabling edge AI Inference Computers embedded on system and similar configuration of network.

LUBI promising Hassle-Free Solution

✔ LUBI carried out project to monitor Vehicle Data and Centralized data acquisition for connected Toll booths upgrading system with Industrial panel computers, Network gateways and routers interfaced with software for efficient traffic management cluster.

✔ Bio-toilet customized project of LUBI caters eco-friendly solution to Railways with programmable Logic controller and HMI for composting process of biological Human waste which sends data on Mobile through GSM Modem as well.


Toll Booth Monitoring system

Exploring Products for Toll Booth Monitoring System

Managing multiple toll booth operations and to maintain data of user accounts with safety concerns have become complicated task for transportation industry. In manual toll booth operations, time consumption is much far worse as well as fuel depletion and more important concern becomes an environment, the amount of air pollution created near toll booth remains at high level in more traffic movement. The automated toll collecting and monitoring system would be a perfect step towards the increasing traffic management and to deploy an effective communication network making transportation more reliable. LUBI makes implementation possible with various wireless sensor systems, Industrial Panel PC for rugged use in harsh environments, discrete protocol gateways, Ethernet Switches and routers make system flexible for faster data transfer over IoT network.

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