3-in-1 Timer/Counter/Tachometer

✔ Mixed Timer+Counter Function

✔ 6-digit LCD Display

✔ 10Kpps Input Counter Speed

✔ NPN or PNP Selectable


  • Type of CTT

  • Output Type

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Size 48 x 48 Display LCD Type Timer/Counter/Tachometer
Power Input 220VAC Input Type NPN/PNP Output Type Relay
Communication NO

Delta CTA series is the 3-in-1 timer, counter, and tachometer with the following features:

✔ Can be a timer, counter, or tachometer and can operate in timer + counter mixed mode.

✔ Offers voltage input (PNP) or non-voltage input (NPN).

✔ The Pre-Scale function allows the input pulses to be displayed in their actual units.

✔ Counting speeds available: 1/30/200/1K/5K/10K cps. Maximum: 10K cps.

✔ The counting can be conducted in a millisecond, second, minute, minute/second, and hour/minute/second.

✔ Output 1 contains relay output and transistor output. The two types of outputs can be enabled concurrently.

✔ Offers total counting and batch counting.

✔ “Reset” and “Lock” keys for more convenient use.

✔ Offers a 6-digit double-line LCD display.

✔ Offers easy DIP switch setup.

✔ Decimal point setup available.

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