Pharmaceutical Industry mainly defines as development, research and  manufacturing of drugs and medical equipment .As well as driving medical progress it brings new medicines that improves the health and quality life in todays world. Pharmaceutical industry requires the most automated and accurate solution to meet the demand and for safety product involved with the human health. The Post production process need to test in the actual environmental condition  and so provides  such conditional equipment in the industry.

To meet the demand in market, required to use High Speed Programmable Logic Controller with Graphic Intensive Human Machine Interface and High Accuracy PID controller. PLC’s used to improve system performance, operation and diagnosis faster and easier. HMI allows operators to more easily identify and diagnose many problems as well as set the parameters and PID controllers allows accurate control over temperature and humidity.


Stability Chamber

Stability Chamber have be come increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical & food industry due to prove the shelf life of a drug in a certain market.
The manufacturer must store it at a relevant temperature and humidity for a specified time. This is done in a stability chamber also known as a stability cabinet. Specify temperature and humidity conditions samples are to be stored. During this period the samples are tested and their potency and degradation measured and recorded.

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Labeling Machine

As a machine builder, you are challenged to differentiate yourself amidst global competition and rapidly evolving technology. Product labeling demands machines that combine high production output, consistent reliability and product quality with low manpower requirements and low maintenance costs. The machines also need to be flexible enough to adapt to different products and different label materials at different production speeds with varying environmental conditions.

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Climate Chamber

Customers are expecting solutions that can provide constant climate conditions (temperature and/or humidity) for product testing. Climate chambers are also known as Temperature humidity chambers or climatic test chambers, which simulates the effect of temperature and/or humidity conditions on a product or material. A good climate chamber is essential for evaluating potential success or failure of a product in the field.

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