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The Pharmaceutical industry must constantly meet stringent regulations and compliance standards which drive Pharma companies to facilitate tech-enabled process manufacturing with robotics and smart vision technologies driven by advance automation solution.

LUBI incorporates the Right Technology

✔ HMI and PC based software integration with programmable controller solution of LUBI makes pharma industry to enhance regulatory compliance with ability to quickly recognize and respond to critical issues with help of Electronic Batch Report.

✔ LUBI offers high speed AC servo systems to enhance production efficiency and next generation Sensors with Smart Vision System, which identifies defective objects or analyze area, inspects pills in a blister pack and overcomes varying part positions on the line without requiring precise part handling.



High Speed Bottle Labeling Machine

Being involved in the Production industry either it is Food, cosmetic or Pharmaceutical industry, certain procedure of labeling must be followed. Labeling is an important step because it identifies the product and conveys information of ingredient and other components making of it with price and manufacturing details. Hiring of employees for labeling of bottle would be costly & time consuming. LUBI enables customers in order to save time and reduce production cost by offering controller and sensing solution which makes labelling machine operates at high dispensing rate to label both sides of bottle considering time constraints. A High speed Label applicator machine can immensely influence your business rate and improve production efficiency.

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Climate Chamber

A Climate Chamber is managed and controlled environment used to test the endurance, stability, and practicality of equipment, products, and chemicals. LUBI caters modern automation solution for environmental conditions created in closed enclosure with effect of mimic a product may encounter during its usage. Chamber creates exposer level to the full spectra of light a product for Photostability analysis. Companies prefer LUBI to provide PID control due to its fast acting precision control loops and gain performance of PID sets offering compressor to operate at desired set points which makes an environmental chamber essential for evaluating potential success or failure and product self-life in the field.

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