Data Center and Network Management


Manage Your Information Effortlessly

Data center and network management becomes essential in order to deliver faster and reliable Data information for real time monitoring and visualization of organizations data as a measure of performance, health and availability with help of automation network. The shift towards cloud computing and demand to safely store the data are the factors responsible for the rapid establishment of data centers.

LUBI makes Data easier to use

✔ LUBI meets all requirements providing Gateway routers, Communication switches and device interfaces like IPC to deliver low-power, reliable, resilient and scalable network solution including network management and security features for cloud storage of product information to access securely.

✔ Project solution carried out from LUBI enables customers by placing sensors throughout a facility and feeding that data into PLC for storing in real time Data acquisition and SCADA software to enhance monitoring and controlling of optimal Environmental condition.



Pump Assembly Line Monitoring

Automated Water Pump and Motor assembly line enhances production with efficient use of measurement instruments and reduces error of Data essential to categorise pump performance. To make production process more efficient and user friendly, the perfect objective of manufacturing process involves accurate use of scaled instruments, fast data routing to storage and enhanced production enables to absorb the most out of industry 4.0 and adapt revolutionary technologies. LUBI offers persistent Data monitoring of Water Pump assembly line manufacturing for analytics and storage of big Data, so that you can match the needs of your unified products and environments.

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