Pump Assembly Line Monitoring

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    Pump Assembly Line Monitoring

    Aim of assembly line is to augment the value of the quality testing or Pumps at different stages with calibrated instrument to enhance productivity covering market demand. Pumps testing carried out at respective workstation to take footprint with various testing heavy load measures with and without and then Data analysed for quality assurance of product which enables independent scaling of computing, continuous data deployment and storage for performance accountability.

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Data analysis of testing equipment to carry out pump assembly measures with mechanical defects and electrical efficacy becomes essential before the launch of pump delivered to market.

Pump attains various tests at discrete work stations for mechanical factors at Motor and Pump assembly line while electrical parameters with various High and Low voltage testing at No load workstation. Pump features to supply water at industrial and residential segments, therefore need to pass through Hydro-Performance test for Shutoff and Duty point measures with chart to analyze suction and delivery pressure for efficiency.

The assembly process has automated testing lines to maximize efficiency in series with more than 1,200 pieces per day, and it also has a large capacity, being able to produce more in shifts.

To achieve such magnificent production ratio it becomes essential to have modernized testing facility with efficient testing equipment and real time Data fetching from each workstation to centralized server and create chart to take footprint of each pump duty cycles which can be achieved only through customized solution of Industry 4.0 automation standards.

LUBI provides a cluster configuration that scales resources independently to closely match the automation needs of your end-to-end epic deployment aid of controller, display and Ethernet gateways to route Data analytics on centralized SCADA platform. Automated line designed solved several challenges in the form of efficient testing facility and production data throughout the plant. The main goal of assembly line was to provide production efficiency with reduced assembly time and occupational safety of the employee.

Pump Assembly Line Monitoring

Visual Layout
Pump assembly Line Monitoring

Solution from Lubi

Self-configured Data for Pump Data

✔ Precise Parameter settings as per Pump Model Code

✔ Error free Data inserting help of Preloaded HMI Recipe

✔ Reference comparison in PLC makes quality criteria for Pumps


Advance Testing Technology to enhance Productivity

✔ Communication of Ampere meters measure No Load current precisely

✔ Accurate winding testing help of resistance meter

✔ Various voltage screening of Pump Motor


Optimizes output and efficiency to improve Products and Process.

✔ Production capacity more than 1200 Pumps / day

✔ Ethernet Gateways provide Fast Data transfer

✔ Centralized Pumps Data Storage enables production analysis

✔ SCADA Software integration for Pump Test feedback with Failure remedies

Pump Assembly Line Monitoring

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