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Comprehensive Solution For Power Plant Automation

Power generation plants aim on efficient distribution and utilization of Power throughout the plant which emphasis on demand control to regulate the operation of the plant with real time cloud Data monitoring allowing modern automation technology for scalable performance.

Optimized Performance Powered by LUBI

✔ Power demand control system of LUBI focuses utilization of Incoming Power in the plant to distribute evenly in distinct sectors to manage the Load with next generation SCADA platform collecting distributed Data from Energy meters routed through Ethernet Network in plant.

✔ LUBI offers comprehensive range of automation products to monitor and control the Power consumption in Industrial Plant such as Industrial Gateways, Power Meters, PC based software solutions & Energy Management system for real time monitoring of Data with Cloud Storage which makes plant to operate more efficiently.


Energy Management System - White

Energy Management System

Intrinsically in Home, Offices and Industries inefficient electrical equipment leads to energy wastage and create noise interference as well which reduces power quality. The key to cope up this challenge and increase efficiency is Energy Management System. LUBI carries the technology and solutions to mitigate the energy optimization issue which help to adapt changing electricity generation problems with enhanced energy efficiency and provide lower production cost & increased profit. LUBI offers integrated automation products for process control, energy measurement & cloud based IoT software systems designed with scalable architecture.

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