Food & Beverages


Hygiene is the most important aspect of food and beverage service and handling. Food and beverage contamination factors are something that the service provider always avoids. In reaction to this particular situation, it’s essential to use technology for food processing and Packaging services without human intervention to meet product quality and safety concerns. Morden food industry prefers to use sophisticated technology to transform food processing, handling and servicing. Automation in F & B industry caters robotics, leverage of sensors and advanced vision systems to avoid any contamination and increase food safety standards.



Cold Storage Plant

Cold storage plants are required for storage of food i tems, chemicals, medicines, etc… at a certain temperature & Surrounding. Cold storage plants are used for bulk storage of items for weeks or months.
The temperature, CO2 and humidity inside the cold storage plant are measured and sent to PLC & reviewed daily to ascertain the quality of food items placed inside the cold storage plant; & so help in keeping the food and medicine from deteriorating.

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