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Overcome an Obstacle with leverage of our experience

Adopting advance technology in Food and Beverage industry, Company may leverage by improving process quality and packaging before product touch to the customers. Automation in F & B industry caters robotics, right sensors solution and advance vision systems to avoid any contamination and increase food safety standards.

LUBI amplifies Productivity in Smart Manufacturing

✔ Project based solution provided from LUBI integrates programmable motion controller and AC Servo drive to enable object motion in Food processing industry including Biscuit making plant, beverage plant from liquid filling to labelling and flexible packaging of food items.

✔ LUBI offers field tested algorithms for quality inspection and Task automation optimized specifically with Smart Vision Systems and graphical interface of Deep Learning combining artificial Intelligence (AI) for product anomalies.


Biscuit Making Plant - White

Biscuit Making Plant

The emerging biscuit market demands fully or partially automatic production line, especially in developing industry segment where traditional process of biscuit making is still high. Biscuit manufacturers automating production line prefers scalable performance of operation and flexible packaging solution adaptable to various pack size, format and material for seasonal promotion and to adjust consumer demand. Innovative solution of LUBI for biscuit making plant enables manufacturers customized product integration of various processes tailored for diverse demands of targeted customers in market and allows producers to reduce operator errors and downtime through repeatable and programmable set-ups.

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