Building & Infrastructure


The Building & Infrastructure projects are involved to build heavy engineering public works like dams, bridges, roads & railways with utility distribution & limited number of resources to focus on infrastructure administration. Automation tools help to aid decreased labor dependency with higher output & productivity diminished human mistakes & more efficient equipment with flexible work environment.

Build Better Network with LUBI Products:

✔ Automation framework of LUBI with PLC controller and HMI upgrades operational efficiency of Construction machines on site for crushing and mixing of raw materials.

✔ The Internet of Things (IoT) solution of LUBI provides multi-functional capabilities with seamless and intelligent BMS monitoring integrated with SCADA, Protocol Gateways and Energy Meters


Concrete Batch Mixing Plant Application

Infrastructure Industry always strive to complete project within a time frame and has found its way to concrete batch mix Plants. The main purpose of using a concrete batching plant is to produce homogenous and uniform concrete consistently in batches one after the other in the same proportions. The most important function performed by this plant is that it coats the aggregates with cement. It becomes necessary that the concrete batching plant must be efficient and speedy in order to complete a construction project as soon as possible.

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