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Wood working Machinery need adequate focus to carry more advantage leveraging technology driven automation solution to make the machines ahead of Traditional operation process adapting reduced maintenance, less human intervention and production efficiency with high precision.

LUBI’s engineering for High Productivity

✔ LUBI provides compact and high precision ball screws and linear Motors for engraving and grinding motion of tool incorporated with AC Servo Motors in wood processing machines. Engineering products upgraded by LUBI enables AC Servo Spindle for high torque of roller grip replacing traditional Induction motor in wood peeling machine for Plywood production.

✔ LUBI also offers programmable motion controller, advanced HMI, intelligent sensors and CNC packages including AC Servo Motors & drives for customized SPM solutions.


veneer peeling machine

Wood Veneer Peeling Machine

Wood Veneer Peeling machine has been main equipment in Plywood production for splicing thin layer wooden sheets. Traditional machinery continues to find ways to meet the current environmental protection trends and to maximize the utilization of resources. Therefore, customer needs robust automation solution that offers excellent performance upgraded to servo spindle based operation for precision cutting carrying high load capacity with ensuring cost effective production. Comprehensive engineering carved by LUBI caters new generation automation products for feeder roller and cutter motor in veneer peeling equipment for accurate thickness of veneer enabling efficient production of high quality products.

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