Wood Veneer Peeling Machine

  • veneer peeling machine

    Wood Veneer Peeling Machine

    Wood veneer peeling machine comes with clip type suitable for large diameter of wood while without clip type for peeling of small wood diameter. Each machine aims optimized production process to peel wood in top precision slicing for multilayer plywood making used mostly in Furniture. Drives applied to roller feeder for fix torque with constant surface speed to carry the heavy load of wood when continuous cutting applied and to maintain the veneer thickness with decreasing diameter of wood.

Machine concept

Fully Automatic machine requires less manpower to operate the machine, only loading of Wood with required length as per machine size and need to start the process with help of HMI for parameter optimization. The wood is reduced to the center diameter of it and feed of the tool table is fed back to inverter through displacement sensor, while the inverter outputs corresponding Hz to make the motor run faster to further increase the speed of ball screw to make tool table run advance quickly to complete the final cutting cycle.

Cutter will peel the wood in uniform thickness with ±0.1mm achieving max. Speed of 150 Meters / Min.PLC controls cutter movement taking feedback of feeder roller and cut the sheet at desire length to achieve goal of speed and accuracy for ease of operation with troubleshooting.

An increased demand for wood products has driven the industry to look closely at the speed and precision provided by automation solution and converting traditional machines more productive, safe and resilient. Wood manufacturers know that the performance and reliability of machine depends on the control system which powers the machine.

For Woodworking machines with long lasting life and utmost power and quality, LUBI’s automation products are widely used throughout the industry which provides efficient performance for speed and cutting with power and precision. Project solution with PLC and AC Servo spindle makes the electrical control more simple, reduce the cost of design and makes reliable system operation.

Veneer Peeling Machine

Visual Layout

Solution from Lubi

Integrated automation simplifies process

✔ Flexible frequency inverter synchronization carries heavy load

✔ Control System of PLC enables speed Vs Diameter algorithm to achieve uniform thickness

✔ Spindle Motor solution effectively improves dynamic response to load changes

✔ AC Spindle Drive transmission offers reduced cycle time with uniform thickness up to ±0.1mm


Increased Productivity

✔ Rapid Speed function to save air gap movement for small Diameter

✔ Production speed improved up to > 150 Meter/Min with Integrated Automation Products


Efficient Machine performance

✔ Synchronous feeding system design outputs consistent Veneer thickness

✔ Peeling up to 30 to 40mm wood diameter helps customer to save wood material

Veneer Peeling Machine

Product Used

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