Baumer Holding AG, founded in 1952 is a leading Swiss manufacturer of precision products namely sensors, measuring instruments, encoders and devices for automated image processing. Baumer has been serving small, highly specialized plants, machine construction companies, large industrial enterprises and global companies, for over 60 years. The Baumer products have been built on the principles of partnership, precision and pioneering spirit. Baumer has business operations in 19 countries with 38 subsidiaries. We deal in Sensors, Vision Sensors, Digital Industrial Camera, Pressure Transmitter and Level Sensors by Baumer .
  • flow-measure

    Flow Sensor

    In process plant engineering it is important to monitor the flow of media. Baumer flow sensors are without mechanical moving parts so it works without wear and tear and ensures for reliable monitoring. It works on the calorimetric principle so...

  • conductivity-transmitter

    Conductivity Transmitter

    Baumer conductivity Transmitter is used to measure concentrate dosing of Acid or Caustic substances in CIP systems mostly used in Dairy and F&B industries. It ensures food safety and savings of cleaning agents with precise measurements. It works on inductive...

  • Inductive Proximity Sensor

    Proximity sensors are sensors that detect when a target object such as a metal has approached (or receded), without making direct contact with the object. Principle of high-frequency oscillation type: The detection coil located at the front end of the...

  • ps-ia

    Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure transmitters translate low level electrical signal from pressure sensing transducer or elements to higher level signal i.e universal analog signals for further process. Baumer presssure transmitters are used to measure & control pressure of fluids. Baumer pressure transmitters are...

  • main-us

    Ultrasonic Sensor

    A special sonic transducer is used for the Ultrasonic proximity sensors, which allows for alternate transmission and reception of sound waves. The sonic waves emitted by the transducer are reflected by an object and received back in the transducer. After...

  • main-ls

    Luminescence sensors

    Baumer Photoelectric series focuses on Unique reliable object detections and positioning of product which consists of Luminescence sensors for the detection of invisible print marks with precision and fast process scan.It supports variants with color mode for reliable detection of...

  • group

    Digital Industrial Camera

    High frame rates, exceptional image quality and ease of integration – that’s what our industrial cameras stand for. Their robust, industrial design is the basis for long-term stability and precise image analysis in your application. The portfolio includes CMOS-based matrix...

  • temp

    Temperature Transmitter

    Baumer temperature sensors are basically a PT100 elements type. Change in temperature corresponds into change in elements resistance and is converted into analog electrical signal for further transmission and process.

  • level-sensor

    Level Sensor

    Baumer CleverLevel Switch is really alternative solutions to vibrating fork type sensors. It is use to detect point level of liquid or viscous media. It works on the basis of frequency sweep technology and are suitable for reliable detection of...

  • Rotary Encoders

    Rotary comes with measurement sensors that have high accuracy and high resolution. Rotary Encoders convert the Rotary engle into an electronic Pulse type to measure it with high precision.It converts the angular movement into the Linear position to measure the...

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