Capacitive Proximity Sensor

Capacitive Proximity Sensor


Capacitive Proximity Sensor

An electrical field is created between 2 electrodes on the front face of the sensor. These electrodes constitute a capacitor with a capacitance of C = e0 * er * A/d. When an object of any material (er > 2) passes the sensing face of the sensor, it modifies the coupling capacitance (C1). This variation in capacitance (C1 > C0) instigates the starting of the oscillator which, in turn, causes the output driver to operate and provides an output signal.

  • Non-Flush mountable Plastic case XT Series

    The spherical shape of the electrical field enables detection of any type of material whether it be solid, liquid, granular…Detection can be achieved through a partition or by direct contact (immersion) of the active surface with the object to be...

  • Flush mountable Metal case XT Series

    The special feature of these versions is the shape of the electrical field which is rectilinear and confined within the dimensions of the product. Cylindrical and block type models are used for the detection of insulating materials, conductive materials, or...

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