The next-generation TeSys series motor starters offer a reliable and robust solution for a faster machine time to market Explore the broadest range of solutions to feed, control and protect electric motors. Find our contactors for high-durability direct online, star-delta or reversing motor control. Combine them with circuit breakers to meet machine safety standards and protect your motors against overloads and short circuits. Add relays for additional protection, specific for your machine and motors.

  • LC1K

    Tesys K is a complete range of compact style contactors and revearsing contactors with common options available for ratings 6,9,12 and 16 amperes. The offer includes a variety of different terminal connection choices and a wide range of coil voltage...

  • LC1F

    Tesys F range contactors up to 450 KW/400V and 2100 A/AC1. All DC or AC control voltages 50/400 Hz. Well flexible power connection. Safety of operation. Quick, simple mounting. Screw connectors are available. This extremely compact model F contactor offer...

  • LC1D

    It started with the introduction of the industry's first BAR contactor in 1924, and today, the legacy of innovation is built into every TeSys motor control device. The next-generation TeSys Deca series motor starters offer a reliable and robust solution...

  • LC1E

    90 years of leadership in motor starter technology. Easy pact TVS series contactors are cheaper series and easy to choose for simplicity and flexibility. Easy pace 3 poles and 4 pole contactors are available in this product range. 6A to...

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