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New Series of ministerp bipolar chopper drives, suitable for driving medium low power two phase stepping motors, with four, six, or eight terminals.Highly compact, easy to use, and cost effective solution. This system is designed for easy mounting inside a metallic electrical cabinet. Target: Low power applications without special configuration requirements, but needing high precision, smoothness of movement, and low acoustic noise

✔ Microstepping : 400,800,1600 and 3200 steps/revolution,setting by means of dip-switches

✔ Protection against under voltage and over voltage

✔ Protection against short circuit at motor outputs

✔ Overtemperature protection with thermal sensor

Power Range

Range of Operating Voltage: 24-48 VDC

Range of Current: 0.7-4.4 Amps(Setting up to eight values by means of dip-switches)

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