DC Axial fans

DC Axial fans

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DC Axial fans

DC Axial cooling fans are available from 36 mm upto 200 mm with supply voltage range 5V/12V/24V & 48VDC. These axial fans includes various type of fans like wide temperature range fan ( having max. 85 ? temperature), Splash Proof fans ( IP54, IP55 & IP68 dust and water proof capability), long life fans having max. Life expectancy of 250000 hours., Reversible flow fans flow direction can be switched & equivalent cooling performance can be achieved in both the direction. With the use of counter rotating fans high static pressure can be achieved. Oil proof fans have excellent oil resistance for stable operation in harsh or oil mist environment. Different type of sensor options are available like Pulse sensor, Lock rotor sensor, PWM/speed control function, without sensor. All Sanyo Denki fans are having double ball bearing which enhanced the fan performance. Sanyo Denki fans have motor protection function like locked rotor burnout protection & reverse polarity protection.This series line up is ideal of Rapid EV Charger/Charging stations, Data center, Server racks, Routers, PV Inverters, Fuel cells, High voltage power supply / Converters.

● High Airflow,

● High Static Pressure,

● Differen Size options avaialble,

● Low Power consumption

● locked-rotor sensor for detecting fan rotation stop

● Pulse sensor for detecting fan speed

● PWM control function for remotely controlling fan speed

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