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Delta A2

Delta-A2 series features a built-in electronic cam (E-CAM) function which is the best solution for flying shear, rotary cutoff, and synchronized motion applications. The whole new position control Pr mode is a unique and most significant function that provides a variety of control modes to enhance system performance. The Delta-A2 series also supports various industrial communications protocols, such as CANopen, DMCNET, EtherCAT which offer higher performance and high speed communications and enable the drive to integrate with other parts of the automation more efficiently and effectively.The full-closed loop control, auto notch filter, vibration suppression, and gantry control functions help to perform complex motions that require high precision and smooth operation. The 20-bit superior resolution encoder which is essential for accurate positioning applications is equipped as standard. In addition, the outstanding Capture and Compare functions for high-speed pulses offer the best support for stepless positioning. Other additional functionality, such as up to 1kHz frequency response, innovative editing software, high-speed PC monitoring (similar to a digital oscilloscope), and more, all drastically maximize the performance of the Delta-A2 series.

● Rated Torque : 0.16 Nm to 95.5 Nm

● 20-bit Incremental & 17-bit Absolute Encoder Resolution

● Position/ Internal Position/ Speed and Torque Control Modes

● 1.0 kHz Velocity Response Frequency

● 4Mpps Exclusive Interface for Line driver Pulses

● Maximum 5000 RPM

● Maximum Torque Limit 300%

● Full Close Control with Linear Scale or External Encoder

● Built-in Electronic Cam (E-CAM) function

● EtherCAT, CANopen, DMCNET Communication

● Excellent solution for Rotary cutter and synchronized motion applications

● CE & UL Safety Standard compliance

● IP 65 (Except Connector)

Power Range

1Ph/3Ph – 200V : 50W to 15.0 KW
3Ph – 400V : 400W to 15.0 KW

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