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DPC-L100/DPH-L100 is a Head-separated·Dual display Digital Pressure Sensor (For Gas & Liquid), Powerful and Simple, High-precision detection of fluid and air pressure. Allows high-precision fluid pressure management, The analog voltage output of the sensor head can achieve high-precision sensing of ±1 % F.S. Compact size of HEX. 22 × 59 mm 0.866 × 2.323 in (excluding the screws). Equipped with a 30 mm 1.181 in the square compact-sized dual display. Because the current value and the threshold value can be checked at the same time, the threshold value can be set and checked smoothly without having to switch screen modes.

● Allows high-precision fluid pressure management

● Compact stainless body

● Oil-less single-layer diaphragm

● Strong against pressure surges from throttle loading

● Equipped with new functions optimal for fluid pressure

● 3-color display (Red, Green, Orange)

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