EN50155 Ethernet Switches

EN50155 Ethernet Switches

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EN50155 Ethernet Switches

With an M12 connector design, Advantech’s EN50155 Ethernet switches are designed to withstand severe shock and vibration, making them reliable for uninterrupted rail communication in rolling stock or moving vehicles. Our EN50155 Ethernet switches can be used in various rolling stock applications such as CCTV, passenger infotainment systems, communication-based train control, train control management systems, and so on.

● M12 connector design FOR Shock proof

● Best for moving application

● Fast Ethernet to Giga ethernet option

● 90W PoE port Support

● wide Temprature range

● Wide voltage range 90 ~ 264VAC/88 ~ 370VDC

Power Range

Port Range :- 4 to 28

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