EtherCAT I/O Expansions

EtherCAT I/O Expansions

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These Expansion modules connect to the EtherCAT network with a Flex-6 Nano Trio motion controller or Third party controller. 16 I/P, 16 O/P, 8 Analogue I/P, 8 Analogue O/P, and 3 Stepper/Encoder Axis modules are available in this series. EtherCAT coupler module also available to interface with Trio or Third party controller.

● 24Vdc sourcing (PNP) / sinking (NPN) input channels.

● 24Vdc sourcing (PNP) / sinking (NPN) Output channels, 500mA/channel output capacity.

● +/- 10V Analogue inputs & +/- 10V Analogue outputs with isolation from CANbus.

● Analogue I/O with 12-bit resolution.

● Up to 3 Stepper or Encoders to be connected to a control system.

● Supports Incremental or SSI, Endat, Tamagawa Absolute encoders.

● 8MHz pulse count rate, 8MHz encoder count rate.

● EtherCAT refresh cycle

● =125uS, Network speed 100Mbit/S, Cable length 30m max.

● RoHS, UL, and CE approved.

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