Fork (Gap) Sensor

Fork (Gap) Sensor


Fork (Gap) Sensor

The beam from the transmitter limb is transmitted to the receiver limb. Due to its construction, only one connection is required as opposed to two for a traditional through-beam function.The transmission sources are LEDs of various technologies: 1) Infrared, particularly for optical frames 2) Ultrasonic for detection of transparent labels (clear on clear)

  • XUVU06

    Ultrasonic fork for detection of transparent labels on opaque or transparent strip Constructed from metal, the Ultrasonic fork is a robust sensor that is particularly suited for detection of labels. Adjustment by numeric potentiometer (+/- buttons), static and dynamic teach...

  • XUVE04

    Optical fork for detection of opaque labels,To efficiently detect labels of different types, formats and colours in compact machines, the optical forks must be small, easy to adjust, and easy to install. The OsiSense™ XUVE optical fork easily integrates in...

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