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Digital Fiber Sensor, Stable detection over long and short periods Stabilized emission amount & Saves maintenance time through threshold tracking function, When the FX-500 series is used together with our super quality fiber, the incident light intensity variation among units is decreased to only 1/4 of that of conventional models. By being close to absolute values instead of modified digital values, changes in detection that could not be found in the past can now be monitored.

● Large 5 digit Dual Display with MODE NAVI Function

● Response time of 25 μs contributes to improving productivity

● Very accurate to detect Sharp objects detection with suppressed hysteresis

● Flat display with wide viewing angle

● Built-in logic functions, No PLC necessary, saving material and programming costs

● Equipped with 5 timer types

● Saves maintenance time, the Threshold tracking function

● Suitable for preventative maintenance, Self-diagnosis output

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