Hot-Swappable Mid Range-AH Series

Hot-Swappable Mid Range-AH Series


The New generation of AH series PLC specially provides solution for High End Applications with Multiple I/Os and with Remote connectivity for ease of operation in Process control plants with its modular Rack Type hardware structure and highely integrated software with advanced function blocks.

  • AH Series Expansion

    AH Rack Type PLC Modules we can connect with AH Series CPU including Redundant CPU. Digital modules (output/input/mix), analog modules (output/input/mix), temperature measurement modules, network modules, remote I/O communication modules, and motion control modules.

  • AH560

    Redundant CPU: The redundant CPU of the AH Series adopts a reliable redundancy structure, and integrates synchronous modules, Ethernet ports, and serial communication interfaces for a more competitive control solution.

  • AH500

    AH Series PLC provides automation solutions for high-level applications. The combination of modularized hardware structure, advanced functions, and highly integrated software provides a system solution for process control applications. In addition to various function blocks (FB), excellent price/performance, and an...

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