Hydraulic AC Servo System

Hydraulic AC Servo System


New regulations on energy conservation and environmental protection are being enacted by governments around the world. This has caused a trend toward hydraulic servo drive and control products. Hydraulic servo systems are heavily used in high-performance applications such as the machine-tool industry, they are beginning to gain wide acceptance in a variety of industries. Examples are material handling, plastics, power press, etc. It's very efficient, brushless, very fast, safe, and gives high dynamic performance when compared to conventional motors. It produces smooth torque, and low noise and is mainly used for high-speed applications.

  • Inovance Servo Motor

    It is a kind of PMSM(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) motor. A permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) - is a synchronous electric motor whose inductor consists of permanent magnets. IPM(Interior PErmanenet Magnet) rotor structure, with excellent electromagnetic performance. Reduced iron and...

  • Inovance Servo Drive

    Inovance has a range of hydraulic servo drive that provides Closed-loop Pressure and Flow control. Enhanced reliability with conformal coating, and protection against humidity and dust pollution. A wide range of different variants(kW, communication..) helps customers to select the appropriate...

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