IEC61850-3 Ethernet Switches

IEC61850-3 Ethernet Switches

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IEC61850-3 Ethernet Switches

Advantech offers the highest quality IEC61850-3 certification industrial ethernet switches for Power and Energy Automation applications. With their durable, robust, and 24 port switch design, users are able to implement the Ethernet solutions in station-level, bay-level, and process-level power substation applications. All the products fulfill the highest demands for the most extreme and harshest environments in the Power Industry to further strengthen energy management and monitoring.

● Managed Ethernet Switch

● IEC61850-3 certified

● wide Temprature range

● Wide voltage range 90 ~ 264VAC/88 ~ 370VDC

● durable, robust switch design

Power Range

Port Range : 28 Port

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