Industrial Panel PCs and Monitors

Industrial Panel PCs and Monitors

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Industrial Panel PCs and Monitors

The FPM-8151H is a particularly rugged and reliable 15" XGA wide temperature industrial monitor for a variety of industry applications. Equipped with a wide operating temperature range of -20 ~ 60oC (-4 ~140oF), it can satisfy the demands of a wide range of harsh industrial applications. This industrial monitor model also features an enhanced 5-wire resistive touch and system isolation to enhance the reliability

● IP66 Approved Front Protection & Panel Mounting

● Built-in Intelligent Home key and i Key for Intuitive UI

● Front LED Indicator to Show Operating Status

● Diverse system IO and Isolated Digital IO by iDoor Technology

● Supports Fieldbus Protocol by iDoor Technology

● Supports Battery-backup MRAM by iDoor Technology

● Chassis Grounding Protection

● HDMI and Audio Multimedia Support

● Certified with UL CID2 for hazardous environments

Power Range

Screen Size :- 12″ to 18.5&quot

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