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    Air Compressor

    Compressed Air supply system helps the Industrial facility throughout Plant to power many devices including tools, automated valves, slide gates, dust collectors, diverters and other precision instruments. Air Compressor processes surrounding air into pressurize system to effectively distribute the compressed air through piping network allowing less maintenance and smaller chance of breakdown.The Inverter systems can meet solution to cope up with challenges to maintain highest level of efficiency struggling maintain system pressure and fluctuating demand production environment to reduce waste with increased capacity and lowering the energy Cost.

Machine concept

Depending on specific functions and operating capabilities air compressor design vary to their mechanical structure of compressing air. Compressors with Rotary screw mechanism are highly efficient and economical to use. Reciprocating piston compressors are ideal for lighter duty applications like maintenances shops. While Larger companies with high compressed-air demands often consider Centrifugal compressors as a primary option.

A typical air compressor consists of a motor, an inlet, and outlet valve to intake and discharge air by mechanical arrangements, a pump to compress the air, and a storage tank. The air is forced into a tank. Then, mechanical equipment driven by a motor reduces the volume of air by pressing it. When the pressure of air has reached a high value, the compressor is turned off automatically.

Compressor application carries high current in terms of Start/stop operation when it comes to loading condition resulting high impact on the 3Ø line, as motor gets run directly on 440V / 50Hz AC Supply by DOL or Starter also due to non-arrangement of Smooth Start of the motor which make essential for customer to incorporate Variable frequency drives to meet the requirement.

Normally, specified compressors perform discrete operational tasks supporting various industries like textile, foundries, chemical industries, ceramic, plastic industries, pharmaceutical industries and many more.

With vast experience and product orientation LUBI delivers application centric solution in the Industry & carry out leverage to customers incorporating advance and cost effective Products such as Programmable Logic controller, AC Drive to save energy and HMI for Data analysis.

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Visual Layout

Solution from Lubi

Variable Speed Energy Optimized Drive solution

✔ Provides energy saving up to 20~25% can be expected

✔ Soft Start Operation lowering current consumption

✔ Auto Cutoff at desired pressure feedback from Sensor


High operation performance

✔ Higher Input Power Factor

✔ Constant air pressure output

✔ Drive PID Control to achieve precise pressure
Improved Protection and ease of troubleshoot

✔ Motor load protection with Automatic Torque Boost

✔ LCD Display with Alarm Error Indication

✔ HMI makes issues monitored to resolve

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Product Used

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