Rotary Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

  • Rotary Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

    Rotary Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

    Being contained within fluting by strong adhesive, cardboard is strongest along the length of the material and it's this structure that gives it strength to support both sides. Online Cutting of that cardboard carries heavy weight rotary cutter for thick multilayered board to cut accurately in order to cut accurately with desired speed for efficient production. To operate heavy load for precision cutting, VFD drives that cutter with encoder feedback synchronized with conveyor speed on which sheet travels.

Machine concept

Machine for cardboards sheet cutting is designed in such a way that it can be optimized for different thickness and various sizes, but mechanical machines supports single size cutting and applying PIV gearbox they make possible to cut different paper size, but due to heavy load on cutter, mechanical wear and tear degrades the performance of the machine operated continues. Manufacturer wants durability, long lasting life and easy maintenance of their machines for future and so desired solution that can make possible efficient and precise machine operations.

Corrugated sheet unwind from roll passes through various rollers in order to make it straight and travel on conveyor belt to reach at cutter position for unfolded cutting. The process carried out by rollers running on AC Drives makes sheet straight while conveyor motor is connected to encoder sends speed reference to PLC synchronizing rotary cutter for uniform sheet cutting with repeatability.

Accuracy and efficient operation enhances performance of the machine and offering cost effective solution with PLC synchronizes conveyor with rotary cutter for better corrugated sheet cutting accuracy and Vector control variable frequency drive enables to operate heavy load of cutter in high speed achieves increased production of cardboards. Rotary encoder provided sends precise feedback of conveyor motion speed to PLC makes operation smooth.

Application is carried out for the following cutting part, solution can be also provided for further fluting process of placing each sheet firmly with strong adhesive to make zig zag pattern to provide strength and resistance.

Rotary Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

Visual Layout




Solution from Lubi

High productivity considering safety and User friendly Operation

✔ Automatic alignment of roller sheet and deviation error correction

✔ Synchronized PLC offers repeated cutting accuracy of ± 3mm

✔ Touch Screen HMI makes user friendly operator interface


Adopts high precision Industrial products

✔ Industrial touch screen HMI integration improves linearity

✔ Automatic control system adopts high performance of PLC

✔ High frequency AC drive enables carry high payoff load with DC Brake


Ease of operation & troubleshooting

✔ AC Drive & Encoder feedback offers versatility to machine operates with discrete length

✔ Easy to set variable length and display production units for analysis

✔ Electronic system reduces wear and tear of traditional mechanical gear

✔ Ease of troubleshooting errors displayed on HMI

Rotary Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

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