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    Mercerizer Plant

    Purposes of Mercerising is to give the dimensional stability to heavy or light quality of fabrics by passing for certain interval through the caustic zone called impregnator , then stabilizer and followed by intensive washing and drying. Temperature of concentration through which the fabric passes with perfect time synchronization needs precise torque control driven by variable frequency drive to keep cycle time constant for the improvement of fabric quality.

Machine concept

Treatment of cotton textile with concentrated solution of alkali carried out in Mercerization process. The fabric is first immersed in a caustic solution of about 23% strength and a relatively cool temperature approx. 60-90ºF (16-32ºC). It is then fed around a series of rollers which keep it flat and smooth while controlling the time of caustic exposure.

When fabric gets in contact with caustic, reaction starts immediately & fabric started losing it dimensional stability & started to shrink in length as well as width. During contact time in impregnator & stabilizer of 30 to 60 Sec, it is necessary that fabric keeps in continuous contact with the rollers instead of being contactless in open or free air then reaction of shrinkage is much faster. Due to roller bed, there is not any chance of open or free air contact with fabric. It helps to avoid minimum shrinkage in the fabric & give better dimensional stability.The fabric is then sprayed with rinse water and washed with a neutralizing chemical before final drying.

Hot Mercerizing – This method used for Pice dyed fabric at minimum temp 40 to maximum 60 degrees with high concentration of bomen, depend on different qualities of fabrics.

Cold Mercerizing – Such method is more useful for Yarn died fabric minimum temp 18 to maximum temp 25 degrees with less concentration of bomen, depend on different qualities of fabrics.

Trusted components and system solution of LUBI carries precise control and optimized production ratio with highly efficient device of AC drive enables proper tension control and crease free passage of fabric feed to intensive impregnating zone.

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Visual Layout

Solution from Lubi

Influenced Mercerizing Process

✔ Solution provides synchronization of rollers through 19 Nos.of VFDs

✔ Line speed controlled by AC drive enhances process performance

✔ Sensors for automatic control of Tank Levels and Caustic Float Valves


Product Quality Increased

✔ Drive enables fabric Tension control to avoid width wise shrinkage

✔ High entry device with proper tension

✔ Automatic control of PH and Temperature


Integrated development of Plant Process

✔ Solid automation engineering makes process smooth to operate

✔ Controlled Fabric Guided system and Synchronization through PLC

✔ HMI layout Binds mimics to insert/Monitor the production parameters

✔ Reduced configuration and maintenance time thanks to object oriented approach

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Product Used

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