Inovance Technology, since 2003 is a leading Chinese manufacturer of industrial automation solutions. Inovance utilizes global manufacturing standards, rigorous quality checks and statistical process control tools to monitor process consistency and to make sure the best products and delivered each time. Inovance also invests heavily in R&D with a focus on core technologies, product development and industrial applications. The company has a strong international footprint, with offices and R&D facilities across Asia and Europe. We deal in Energy Saving Systems for Injection Molding by Inovance.
  • MH-9118

    Injection Molding Machine Controller

    A control system for an injection molding machine performs a molding cycle. The molding cycle includes a filling process for controlling an advancing motion of a screw of the injection molding machine, and a hold press process for controlling a...

  • ac-servo-group

    Hydraulic AC Servo System

    New regulations on energy conservation and environmental protection are being enacted by governments around the world. This has caused a trend toward hydraulic servo drive and control products. Hydraulic servo systems are heavily used in high-performance applications such as the...

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