Linear Motor

Linear Motor


HIWIN linear motors can be core-type or non-core-type. Core-type linear motors have larger thrust, Non-core-type linear motors are more lightweight with good dynamic characteristics. There is no drive mechanism between motor and load. A direct drive mechanism is simpler and therefore has an excellent dynamic response. In addition, linear motors are designed for non-contact and do not produce wear, accuracy is better, and maintenance is reduced.

  • Component

    HIWIN offers individual linear motor components for customized axis design. The linear motors consist of the primary part (forcer) with motor windings and magnet tracks (stators) with permanent magnets. By combining several stators, travel distances of any length can be...

  • Cross Tables

    HIWIN cross tables with linear motor drive represent the highest precision and dynamic response. Based on well-engineered standard types, the crosstables are configured to customer requirements. From the smallest adjustment to the supply of a plug and play subsystem.

  • Single axis

    HIWIN linear axes with linear motor drive are specifically ideal for applications with the highest demands on dynamics, accuracy, and synchronism while at the same time minimizing maintenance.

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