LMX1E-C Series

LMX1E-C Series

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Linear motor LMX1E-C stages are equipped with a coreless motor and are well suited for applications that require high dynamics and/or accuracy. They are distinguished by their low profile design and zero cogging forces. The travel is measured via optical or magnetic encoders incrementally or absolutely. The linear motor LMX1E-C stages are available in overall lengths up to 4,000 mm.

✔ Max. acceleration 100 m/s² (no load condition)

✔ Max. speed 5 m/s (no load condition)

✔ Length up to 4,000 mm

✔ Peak force 435 N

✔ Zero cogging forces from the motor

✔ Multiple forcers per stage available

✔ Encoder options: optical or magnetic, incremental or absolute

Force Range in N

Peak Force: 435 N

Continuous Force : 145 N

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