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4-Axis Stepper control is available in this motion controller series. This controller series also has an inbuilt 16/8 Digital I/O and 1/1 Analog I/O. Ethernet, Serial port, and micro SD card slot available onboard.

✔ Advanced 4-Axis Stepper control

✔ Inbuilt Digital I/O, Analogue I/O, Micro SD card slot

✔ Incremental Encoder interface

✔ Ethernet-IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus Serial, Trio ActiveX, Ethernet Interface Built-in

✔ 500-2000 micro sec. Selectable Servo Update

✔ 528MHz ARM Cortex M7 Processor

✔ Multi-tasking BASIC and IEC 61131-3 Programming

✔ Flexible CAM, Linked Motion, Interpolation, and Robotic Transformations

✔ Hardware Linked Outputs for Camera/Laser control & Text File Handling

✔ RoHS, UL, and CE approved

Lubi Automation