Milling Series

Milling Series

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Milling Series

LNC Milling series controllers feature high speed and high reliability for machining center and tapping center. It comes with Linux-based real-time operation system. It provides open HMI and supports fieldbus protocol such as EtherCAT. It is the best cost-performance control system and brings competitive edge to customers.

● Durable fanless design

● 32-bit, 800MHz processor, SDRAM – 256MB

● The system boots very quickly

● The PLC supports high-speed control and waveform debugging function

● EtherCAT Fieldbus protocol

● Support second development tools including PLC editing, Macro Syntax, open HMI and data protection function

● Provide online search function for G/M Code, the Macro syntax and operation guide

● One unit for CNC, PLC, HMI & Communication functions

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