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Panasonic EtherCAT servo driver is an Advanced EtherCAT servo driver for High-Performance Motion control. It's the smallest EtherCAT servo driver in the market. Panasonic EtherCAT servo driver has many in-built supported applications (7 control modes of operation, 32 origin-return modes, 2 synchronous modes, and an asynchronous mode).

Panasonic EtherCAT driver Supports a PC-based Controller. It has in-built Real-time Auto-tuning function and Anti-Vibration filters. EtherCAT is an abbreviated designation of Ethernet for Control Automation Technology and is open network communication between a master and slaves using real-time Ethernet.

● Rated Torque: 0.16 Nm to 140.0 Nm

● Support 23-bit Absolute & Incremental type servo motors

● Cyclic & Profile Position/ Velocity/ Torque & Full Close Control Modes

● 3.2KHz Velocity response frequency

● Minimum Communication period 0.125ms

● Communication speed 100Mbps Full-duplex

● Support Network communication “EtherCAT”

✔ Anti-Vibration filters are available

✔ Fast & Highly accurate operation

✔ Configuration Max. Rotation speed 6500 rpm

✔ Precise Position latch & Comparing

✔ High Performance & Low Cost

✔ IEC safety I/F model available

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