Nidec Corporation, established 1973 is a Japanese manufacturer and global supplier of electronics drives, measuring instruments, precision equipments and ceramic art equipments. A highlight in their product range, the servo grade gearboxes are designed to provide ultimate flexibility and ease of configuration for machine builders. The concept of modularity of design is an important part of the Nidec product development philosophy. Superior products backed with an unwavering focus on quality provides OEM customers with unmatched consistency and overall value. Nidec Corporation operations in 40 countries through 230 group companies.

We deal in Speed Reducer, Flexwave and Coronex by Nidec

  • Precision Worm Gearboxes

    To machine designers Precision worm gearbox is a convenient option to rotate their stepper or servo motor drive system through 90 degrees.Girard Transmission is one of the European leaders in the field of precision worm gears & has been able...

  • right-angle-planetary-gearboxes-lubi

    Right-angle Planetary Gearboxes

    The EV right-angle product family is an excellent option when space is a key design constraint for the equipment manufacturer. With our rapidly growing customer base in the packaging, general material handling and machine tool industries, NIDEC-SHIMPO is seeing accelerating...

  • Inline Planetary

    Inline Planetary Gearboxes

    NIDEC-SHIMPO followed this early development with the introduction of a high-precision planetary series variety that was more suited to compete throughout the global marketplace. The base design platform for each of these series incorporated a modularity of subassemblies and standardization...

  • High Precision Series

    High Precision Series

    These NIDEC-SHIMPO series utilize different types of gearing technologies – planetary, worm, rotary stage – yet each achieves the highest level of precision and performance within its competitive class. As you review our portfolio of speed reducers, you will find...

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