Photoelectric Sensor

Photoelectric Sensor

The photoelectric sensor is a generic name for sensors that detect an object by using light. The optical signal transmitted from the emitting part of the sensor is modified by being reflected, transmitted, absorbed, etc., by the sensing object and is then detected by the receiving part of the sensor to generate a corresponding output signal. Further, it can also be a sensor that detects light radiated from the sensing object to generate an output signal.

  • Amplifier Separated

    As the sensor head contains only the emitting and the receiving elements, its size can be made small. Further, the sensitivity adjustment can be done from a remote place.

  • Power Supply Built-in

    Since all necessary functions of a photoelectric sensor are incorporated, just connecting the electric power supply (100 V / 200 V AC) can provide a relay contact output.

  • Amplifier Built-in

    Since the amplifier is built-in, just connecting the DC electric power supply can provide a Non-contact output.

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