Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter


Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitters translate low level electrical signal from pressure sensing transducer or elements to higher level signal i.e universal analog signals for further process. Baumer presssure transmitters are used to measure & control pressure of fluids. Baumer pressure transmitters are available in absolute and relative type. It has mainly four technologies i.e Ceramic capacitive type, Piezo resistive thick film, thin film and silicon. Baumer pressure transmitters are cost effective, accurate and have long term stability and reliability.

  • PP20H

    The Baumer PP20H is a fully welded hygienic pressure transmitter with flush membrane Economic in Baumer Hygienic Pressure transmitter series. Very much suitable for F&B, Dairy and Pharmaceutical industries. Suitable for CIP application of Dairy. Available in all market typical...

  • Y923

    The construction of Y92 Series is of stainless steel with flush diaphragm connection makes these transmitters ideally suited for measurements on viscous and heavy fluids such as paint, pulp and paper, adhesive and most uses in the refrigeration field. It...

  • Y91

    Baumer Y91 Pressure transmitter is specially designed for Industrial applications with ATEX approvals. It is having zero and span adjustment facility. It is available in millibar ranges also for hydrostatic level measurement applications. Very good measurement accuracy. It is highly...

  • CTX

    Baumer CTX Pressure transmitter is specially designed for General OEM applications. It is having very wide pressure range and compact design with excellent price/performance ratio. It is available in variety of industrial standard process connections.

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