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PROtop - “the innovative one”. Combine excellent performance data with exemplary sustainability. PROtop combines highest efficiency and compact housings with high durability and direct parallel connection without diode modules. This reduces costs and creates space in the cabinet. Due to the powerful DCL technology, even difficult loads - motors, for instance - are operated smoothly, while circuit breakers are triggered reliably. The good communication capability allows permanent condition monitoring and full integration with control systems.

● Optimum efficiency levels (up to 95.3 %) for sustainable energy savings

● High dynamic range thanks to unique DCL technology

● Communication modules for condition monitoring

● Direct parallel connection through integrated ORing MOSFETs

● Wide range of approvals

● Multiphase switched-mode power supply module

● High MTBF values

● Cl. I Div. 2 + ATEX

● Power category 72…960 W

● Output 12, 24 and 48 V DC

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