Red Analyze Tool

Red Analyze Tool

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VisionPro® Deep Learning is the best-in-class deep learning-based image analysis software designed for factory automation. Its field-tested algorithms are optimized specifically for machine vision, with a graphical user interface that simplifies neural network training without compromising performance. VisionPro Deep Learning solves complex applications that are too challenging for traditional machine vision, while providing a consistency and speed that aren’t possible with human inspection. When combined with VisionPro’s rule-based vision libraries, automation engineers can easily choose the best the tool for the task at hand

VisionPro Deep Learning’s graphical training interface simplifies the task of collecting images, training the neural network, and testing it on a variety of image sets. The unique tool-chaining capability lets users break down their problem into smaller steps, making it easier to optimize and requiring fewer training images

Users can take advantage of the extensive selection of traditional machine vision tools alongside innovative deep learning tools. VisionPro Deep Learning provides access to deep learning toolsets through programmatic integration, as well as through the Cognex Designer™ graphical development interface. From low-level machine integration to deploying an application-specific HMI using Cognex Designer, VisionPro Deep Learning provides flexibility in how you develop and integrate the vision inspection to your production environment

● The Red Analyze tool finds subtle defects on a wide variety of part backgrounds and surface textures. By showing it examples of good and bad parts, it can be trained to tolerate normal variations in lighting and part positioning, while detecting flaws, contamination and other defects. For situations where it’s not practical to collect defect images, or where the defects are highly inconsistent, Unsupervised mode can be trained from just good images and identify cases

● that deviate from the normal part appearance

● Red Analyze can also be used to segment specific variable areas in an image. These might be weld seams that are passed to a Green Classify tool; glue or paint regions whose coverage is then measured with traditional vision tools, or background features that are dynamically masked out of the image to simplify other inspections

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